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Set Design Cakes

Easy and stress free!

Keep it easy and simple by ordering one of our Set Design Cakes. Fuss free for you and me! Here you will find a grand selection of fabulous designs. Choose any one of our delicious flavours. With many options, the choice is yours. From elegant and classy to enchanting and fun there is something for everyone!

All designs subject to variation based on the designers creative discretion. 

Modest customizations may be accepted on some cakes for additional fee.


Unicorn Cake

Select colour preference. Two colours in addition to white for the mane. Choice of silver or gold for horn and ears. Additional embellishments may be added at an additional cost.

6" Round $150-

8" Round $170-

4"/6" Round $190-

6"/8" Round $220-

4"/6"/8" Round $260-

Painted Cake

Select colour preference. White base with up to three additional colours. Option of silver or gold for accent. 

6" Round $120-

8" Round $140-

4"/6" Round $160-

6"/8" Round $190-

4"/6"/8" Round $230

Whimsy Cake

Select colour preference. White plus one additional colour. Marbled base, dark or white chocolate drip. Decorated with piped rosettes, buttercream kisses and modest sugar accents and embellishments. Finished with chocolate spears. Cake topper not included but may be arranged.

6" Round $140-

8" Round $160-

4"/6" Round $180-

6"/8" Round $210-

4"/6"/8" Round $250


Smash Cake

Select colour preference. '1' topper included. Vanilla cake is recommended.
Choice of rosettes, swirl, or swish buttercream pattern.
(rosettes shown here)
6" Round $50-

Bumblebee/Lady Bug Cake

Semi nude cake. Ladybugs with red drip and daisies. Also available in a bumblebee version complete with yellow drip and sunflowers.

6" Round $150-

8" Round $170-

4"/6" Round $190-

6"/8" Round $220-

4"/6"/8" Round $260

Flower Cake

Flowers determined by what is in season. Select colour preference. Semi nude, swirl or swish buttercream finish. Cake topper not included but may be added.

(swirl shown here)

6" Round $120-

8" Round $140-


Bubble Cake

Choice of two colours. Smooth buttercream with wavy airbrush detail. Finished with handmade, edible bubbles..
6" Round $140-
8" Round $160-
4"/6" Round $180-
6"/8" Round $210-
4"/6"/8" Round $250

Dino Cake

Green to white ombre swirl finish. Includes three edible, handmade dinosaur figures for top of cake and edible handmade leaves to go around. More dinosaurs are added for tiered cakes. Name topper not included but may be added.

6" Round $140-

8" Round $160-

4"/6" Round $180-

6"/8" Round $210-

4"/6"/8" Round $250

Set Design Cakes: Products


Classic Vanilla

Moist vanilla cake layered and finished with silky smooth, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Made with my very own, homemade vanilla bourbon extract!

Chocolate Decadence

Light, yet dense chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache filling!

White Chocolate Wonder

Vanilla cake made with homemade vanilla bourbon extract and stacked with sweet, white chocolate ganache filling, and coated in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!


Moist vanilla cake made with vanilla bourbon extract and layered with decadent chocolate ganache and finished with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Spring Sun

Moist and lively lemon cake made with fresh lemon zest and hand squeezed lemon juice, filled with a sweet homemade berry filling, surrounded in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Lucious Lemon Lavender

Lavender scented vanilla cake with real lavender petals baked right in, and finished with bright lemon Swiss meringue buttercream!

Tea Time

Earl Grey tea infused cake enrobed in smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Apple Spice Cake

Moist apple cake, spiced with all the flavours of Fall. Layered with sweet cream cheese frosting and coated in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Red Velvet

Deliciously dense red velvet cake, stacked with tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting. Finished with our classic Swiss meringue buttercream!

Peanut Butter Bliss

Dense, yet fluffy chocolate cake. Layered with smooth & creamy peanut butter and chocolate ganache. This cake is rich and delicious!

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