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Butter makes it better!

Here you will find an amazing selection of fabulous cake flavours and their  accompanying fillings. These cake combinations have been hand picked by me and the recipes have been tested and perfected. I love them all so much and I am confident that you will find something everyone will love too!

All of my cakes are finished with Swiss meringue buttercream. It is silky and lusciously smooth, without being too sweet. Commonly, the design elements that are added are made using fondant, sugar or chocolate!

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Classic Vanilla

Moist vanilla cake layered and finished with silky smooth, vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Made with my very own, homemade vanilla bourbon extract!

Chocolate Decadence

Light, yet dense chocolate cake with rich chocolate ganache filling!

White Chocolate Wonder

Vanilla cake made with homemade vanilla bourbon extract and stacked with sweet, white chocolate ganache filling, and coated in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!


Moist vanilla cake made with vanilla bourbon extract and layered with decadent chocolate ganache and finished with vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Spring Sun

Moist and lively lemon cake made with fresh lemon zest and hand squeezed lemon juice, filled with a sweet homemade berry filling, surrounded in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Lucious Lemon Lavender

Lavender scented vanilla cake with real lavender petals baked right in, and finished with bright lemon Swiss meringue buttercream!

Tea Time

Earl Grey tea infused cake enrobed in smooth vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Apple Spice Cake

Moist apple cake, spiced with all the flavours of Fall. Layered with sweet cream cheese frosting and coated in vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream!

Red Velvet

Deliciously dense red velvet cake, stacked with tangy and sweet cream cheese frosting. Finished with our classic Swiss meringue buttercream!

Peanut Butter Bliss

Dense, yet fluffy chocolate cake. Layered with smooth & creamy peanut butter and chocolate ganache. This cake is rich and delicious!

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Pies & Tarts


This is my carefully curated selection of pies and tarts. Over the years I keep coming back to these classic favourites for my own family events. The biggest challenge I have is deciding which one to make. Only butter is used in all of the crust for each of these sensational pies and tarts. There is sure to be something here to put a smile on everyones' face!

Pies are approximately 8.75", while the tarts are 7.5". Both will serve 6-8 portions.

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Chocolate Cream Pie


This decadent, home made, chocolate custard fills a perfectly toasted graham crust and piled high with fresh whipped cream and shaved chocolate!


Coconut Cream Pie


Made with high fat coconut milk and shredded coconut, this one is a coconut lovers dream. Perfectly accompanied by a toasted graham crust and topped with whipped cream and toasted coconut shavings!


Banana Cream Pie


Fresh sliced bananas line a toasted graham crust, then filled with homemade vanilla bourbon custard. Crowned with whipped cream and banana chips!


Fruit Pie


Homemade, cooked fruit filling baked in a traditional pie crust. 





-Triple Berry


Lime Pie


Tangy and Sweet. Made with hand juiced & zested limes and mixed with sweetened condensed milk. It bakes in a toasted graham crust, just long enough to set firm. Topped with unsweetened whipped cream!


Lemon Meringue Tart


Hand juiced and zested lemons create a beautifully sweet and citrusy custard, baked in the oven in an all butter, short dough crust. Topped with silky smooth Swiss meringue and torched to perfection!


Chocolate Tart


This rich chocolate tart is silky smooth and baked in an all butter short dough crust. Best served warm with vanilla ice cream!


Pumpkin Tart


Smooth and Lucious, made with my own  blend of seasonal spices and a unique twist; cardamom! Baked in a tender sweet dough crust!


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